Famous folk singer Ramlal Verma of Peeran honored with Kaladhar honor

Famous folk singer Ramlal Verma has been honored with Kaladhar Samman-2023 by the prestigious Man Singh Habby Kalakendra Jalag. This honor was given by Dr. Prem Sharma, former Director of the Language and Culture Department, Himachal Pradesh, and Padmashree Vidyanand Saraik in a function organized in Jalag in the past. While Ramlal Verma has brought laurels to his parents and the region by receiving the Kaladhar award, there is an atmosphere of happiness in the entire Keonthal region. There seems to be an influx of people congratulating his father Dayaram Verma.
Let us tell you that Ramlal Verma, born in the year 1970, is a resident of Peeran, a remote village of Mashobra block, and has been associated with music for the past 25 years. He has done MA in Political Science. Ramlal Verma always actively participated in school and college cultural programs and competitions. At his young age, Ramlal would hardly have missed any such fair in the state where he did not spread the magic of his melodious voice. Ramlal Verma is also an approved B high-grade artist from AIR Shimla. His hill folk songs are also broadcast from Akashvani Shimla. Ramlal Verma is the founder and member of the famous Chudeshwar folk dance cultural circle and the Aasra cultural group Jalag Sirmour. By joining this organization, he has presented the culture of Himachal by presenting folk dances and folk songs, and folk dramas in different states of the country and abroad as well. illuminated. Most of the songs of Ramlal Verma have been recorded in the Audio Cassette and Pahadan Video Album titled Deewane Tere Naam which created a buzz in the market. He is still playing the role of the main artist in his village Peeran’s Thoda Club and Kariyala Club. Ramlal Verma is a good artist as well as a progressive farmer. He has been honored by many institutions for the excellent work done for the preservation of the state’s culture.

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