Sukhu gets all praise from NITI Aayog for mitigating disaster

In a gesture of commendation after The World Bank, Niti Aayog has lauded the pro-active leadership of Chief Minister Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu in effectively managing the disaster situation after the recent torrential rains wreaked havoc in Himachal Pradesh. Vice Chairman of Niti Aayog Suman K. Bery has conveyed his appreciation through a letter to the Chief Minister, praising the endeavours undertaken by the State Government for carrying out relief and rescue operations.

The letter states: “Himachal Pradesh Government, Disaster Management Teams and other stakeholders have done a commendable job to provide relief to those in needs. Niti Aayog is ready to offer all possible assistance to the State during these challenging times.”

Suman K. Bery said that the visuals of devastation in the State were shocking, and undoubtedly it has enormously affected agriculture, composite livelihood and critical infrastructure in the State. Further, in view of the severity of the situation, the Niti Aayog has extended unwavering solidarity with the people of Himachal Pradesh during this critical juncture.

Chief Minister expressed his gratitude to the Niti Aayog for encouraging words and said that such recognition serves as motivational impetus for driving the relief and rescue operations forward. He said that the State had suffered losses of more than Rs. 12,000 crore during the ongoing monsoon season and that earnest efforts were being made to provide all possible help to the affected families. He added that the state will surely stand up again with the collaborative efforts of the people of the state.

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