Chiyog School’s income-expenditure draft was placed in the general body meeting

The general body meeting of Government Senior Secondary School Chiyog was held under the joint chairmanship of Principal Sandeep Kumar Sharma and Chairman of School Management Committee Yogesh Chandel. In the meeting keeping in view the interest of the school, the details of last year’s income and expenditure were placed before the committee. Apart from this, plans were drafted to create the best facilities for the children in the school. So that children can get an education in a good environment. The income expenditure of the school was discussed in depth by the SMC members and parents in the meeting. In which the allegations leveled against the Principal in the past were found to be baseless. The evidence documents of all the income-expenditure were presented by the committee to all, which were found to be completely correct. Terming the allegations leveled against the Principal as baseless by all the members present in the meeting, the said statement was strongly condemned. On this occasion, the vacant posts of members in SMC were filled again. Around two hundred parents participated in the meeting. All the staff members of the school were also present at the meeting.

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