CITU submitted a list of demands of Rehri Phadi Tyabazari Union to Bhupendra Atri, MC Shimla

A delegation of CITU related to Rehri Phadi Tyabazari Union met Shri Bhupendra Atri, the newly appointed Commissioner of Municipal Corporation Shimla regarding the demands of Rehri Phadi Tyabazari and handed over a demand letter to him. The delegation included CITU State President Vijender Mehra, CITU District Treasurer Balak Ram, Union President Surendra Bittu, General Secretaries Rakesh Kumar, Ram Prakash, Darshan Lal, Anil Kumar, Sanjeev Kumar, etc. The union has demanded Municipal Corporation Commissioner Mr. Bhupendra Atri that the Street Vendors Act 2014 should be implemented strictly and the eviction of street vendors against the law should be stopped. He assured that a meeting of the caretaker Town Vending Committee would be called immediately to fulfill these demands. He said that the work of the survey of Tyabazari and the election of the Town Vending Committee will be started immediately.

CITU State President Vijender Mehra, District Treasurer Balak Ram, Tyabazari Union President Surendra Bittu, and General Secretary Rakesh Kumar said that the Municipal Administration has been openly violating the Street Vendors Act 2014 for a long time. Even today hundreds of people engaged in street vendors have not been issued certificates as per the rules of the Street Vendors Act. Town Vending Committee meeting is not being held on time. In the absence of TVC meetings, certificates have not been issued to many street vendors, which is their legal right, even after nine years of the law being implemented. He demanded immediate issuance of certificates to unregistered street vendors as per the Street Vendors Act. They have demanded a stay on the process of eviction of street vendors as the Street Vendors Act 2014 does not allow it.

He said that from 2012 to 2017, the CPI(M)-ruled Municipal Corporation had constructed Aajeevika Bhawan for Tyabazaris, but the previous BJP-ruled Municipal Corporation had committed huge corruption in the allotment of shops in Aajeevika Bhavan and many other influential people were given it instead of Tyabazaris. Allotted shops are illegal. He demanded that all the shops of Aajeevika Bhawan be allotted to Tyabazaris. He said that despite being allotted a shop in Aajeevika Bhawan, some people have given their old place of Tyabazari on rent to others. Immediate action should be taken on this. They demanded that the process of setting up vending zones in Shimla town should be completed immediately. Pre-fabricated structures should be provided to all the marketplaces. Shops for Tyabazari should be constructed in all the suburbs of Shimla city

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