SMC polling – Inceasent rainfall play spoilsports, polling brisk in the early hours

The Inceasent rainfall and orange warning disrupted the polling for Shimla Municipal Corporation Election as turn-up was brisk in the first two hours as only 13 percent of votes were cast.

According to the State Election Commission, polling begin on a very slow note, and only 13.17 pc votes were cast including 14.70 pc male and 11.45 pc female. However, till 1200 hrs polling percentage improvised to 28.98 pc (30.31 pc and 27.49 pc).

Increased rainfall played spoiled sports as people could not brave continuing rainfall and there was a lack of sufficient arrangements for inclement weather. Especially women and Elderly People are affected by inclement weather conditions.

Chief minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu cast his vote along with his family members at Tibetan Central School Chhota Shimla around 0815 hrs and Former Union Minister Anand Sharma at Kaleston wards. BJP former minister Suresh Bhardwaj also cast his vote in Strawberry Hills in Chhouta Shimla wards.

In the 34 wards and around 90,000 Voters are exercising their frenchises through 149 polling stations for Shimla MC Election. Polling begins at 0730 hrs and would be held till 1530 hrs and counting of votes would be held on May 4.

Including 54 women there is a total of 102 candidates 34 each from Congress and BJP, 21 from AAP, 4 on CPI(M), and 9 on the symbol of Independent.

The ruling BJP in Shimla MC is in a direct fight on 10 wards against the ruling state Congress party. There are triangular contests on 16 wards and four corner contests in seven and six corners in one ward. 

BJP former minister Suresh Bhardwaj has lodged protests against Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu for casting his vote at the Shimla MC poll. He said that no BJP MLA cast his votes in Shimla MC.

 However, Himachal Pradesh High Court deciding the Election petition recently regarding Shimla MC ordered that all those voters who are residing in the town for more than six months are eligible as voters.

A long queue of voters is waiting for polling in Banmore wards, Chhouta Shimla and Sanjoui, Summerhill, and Sangti however polling is going slowly in the rest of the wards and is affected by the rainfall.

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