Monsoon rain renders cumulative loss  tune to Rs 352 Crore, Landslides and heavy rain disrupt NH-5

 The Monsoon loss increased with every passing day as according to the state disaster management authority during the last 14 days of this monsoon rain caused a cumulative loss tune to Rs 352 Crore as including Kalka Shimla NH-5 and Dharmpur -Kasouli road about two dozen of roads are affected by the landslides, washing and caving in of footwall of many roads by heavy rainfall.

According to SDMA Public Works departments and NHAI suffered major losses owing to the caving in of heavy boulders, landslides, washing down, and caving in of footwall due to heavy rainfall and improper culverts in many places. The thousands of link roads in the state are washed away or heavy soil erosion requires months for their repair. The epicenter of Monsoon on Friday was Solan, Sirmouar, and mid hills of Shimla district. Heavy boulders rolled down on the Four lane near Parmano this morning narrowly scape some of the moving vehicles. Dharmour Kasaoul road is also disrupted by the heavy rainfall as the connecting road caves in. Tourist Resort Kasauli had 80 mm rainfall, Dharmpur 68 mm, and Arki 60 mm in the last 24 hrs. Pandoh in Mandi 45 mm and Hamipur 33 mm.

The State Public Works department suffered a revenue loss tuned to Rs 200 Crore. Followed by the Jal Shakti Vibhag (IPH) suffers loss of Rs 127 Crore. Around 43 people have died and around 80 suffer injuries. Four people are missing including one in a road accident two in drawing and one in a flash flood. In the monsoon havoc ten houses are completely damaged and 51 partly beside this seven shops, 33 cowsheds are damaged in the monsoon rain. The death toll of livestock went up to 354 in the state. Since June 24 after the onset of monsoon, 12 landslides one cloud burst, and 11 flash flood mishaps were reported. 

Public property especially corps and fertile lands were washed away causing damage tune to Rs 26 Crore to Horticulture Department. 1694 water supply scheme damaged by the heavy rainfall damaging public property tune to Rs 95 Crore. , 312 irrigation schemes and ten private Khul (water canal) were washed by flood water. 28 sewerage water scheme was damaged in the heavy rainfall. 

There are reports that a total of 168 major roads are affected by heavy rainfall in the last 24 hrs including 88 in the Mandi zone, 49 in Shimla, 21 in Hamirpur, and ten in Kangra. State Public Works spokesman said that the department has restored 107 rain-affected roads by today, 21 tomorrow, and 40 days after tomorrow. The department has suffered a revenue loss of Rs 193 Crore and National Highway Authority Rs 6.97 Crore. The department claimed that restoration work is being done on war footing as 164 heavy machinery was deployed which include 39 department JCBs AND 94 hired three dozers and 29 trucks and tractors.


During the next two days, an Orange alert has been issued in nine districts including Una, Bilaspur, Hamirpur, Chamba, Kangra, Mandi, Shimla, Solan, and Sirmaru, and a Yellow alert in the rest of the state including Kullu. In view of very heavy rainfall at some places likely to disrupt vehicular traffic and other essential services, Flash Floods along watersheds and other channels in districts Shimla, Mandi, Kullu, Shimla, Sirmaur, and Solan. The power and communication facilities likely drailed in the mid and foothills area of the state. Localized flooding of roads and occasional reduction in visibility may impact the movement of traffic in some places.

The Met Office also issued warnings of landslides, mudslides at vulnerable places which may cause road blockage. There is also the possibility of flash floods along the major water streams or rivers. A warning of rising water flow in catchment areas of Beas, Ravi, and Satluj has been issued by the Met Department. Recent heavy execution along the four lanes may lead to the rolling down of boulders and landslides in Mandi, Kullu and Shimla, and Solan district. The possibility of landslides along Kalka-Shimla NH may lead to traffic congestion. In Sirmuar district, the possibility of landslides along the road was predicted. 

The tourists and people expected to have journeys are advised to check for traffic congestion on the route before leaving for their destination and follow any traffic advisories and guidelines issued by the concerned department. People should avoid going to areas that face the water logging problem often and avoid staying in Vulnerable structures. No rain advisory was issued for Lahaul Spiti and Kinnuar district till the next 24 hrs. 

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