Syunkat Kissan Munch seeks the implementation of a universal carton approved by the Indian Institute of Packaging

The Syunkat Kissan Munch demanded that the universal carton approved by the Indian Institute of Packaging (IIP) in 2013 should be implemented.

In a press statement issued here today Convenor of SKM Sanjay Chauhan said that Apple should be sold on the basis of weight under the provisions of the APMC Act, 2005.

 “If the government does not issue a notification for this immediately, it would be a fraud with lakhs of apple growers of the state because the government has announced that apples would be sold in universal cartons according to weight.” Mr. Chauhan said.

The government is unnecessarily creating a situation of confusion by making a provision of 24 kg in a carton of apples. In the year 2013, the then Congress government created a project to make universal cartons for the packaging of apples and gave the responsibility to the Indian Institute of Packaging (IIP). 

Which made the 20kg carton according to international standards and clearly recommended the government implement it. But don’t know due to politics and pressure, no government implements it.

He said that keep in mind that the government had also spent 11 lakh rupees on this project from the government treasury at that time.

 The market, illegal deduction of two kg per box by the commission agent should be stopped immediately and the government should immediately take legal action against the guilty and the gardeners from whom it has been cut should be returned back. Because it is totally against Value Added trade.

  The government should immediately strictly implement the APMC Act, 2005, HP Metrology Act, 2009, and HP Passengers and Goods Taxation Act, 1955 for the marketing of apples. Otherwise, SKM would work together with all farmers’ and growers’ organizations to agitate.

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