Central Govt has approved the setting up of an ethanol plant by HPCL in district Una for 500 Cr: BJP

BJP media in-charge Rakesh Sharma and co-media in-charge Karan Nanda said that Himachal Pradesh is moving backward due to the mismanagement of the Congress government in Himachal Pradesh.

In clear words, we would like to say that Himachal Pradesh has not been left with any kind of shortcoming by the center, only Congress leaders are doing the work of cursing the BJP government at the center.

He said that during the tenure of Chief Minister Jairam Thakur in Himachal Pradesh, the BJP government has done innumerable works and today all the foundation stones being laid by the Congress workers and their leaders were done during the BJP government.

The leaders of the Congress party only know the politics of blame and if they talk about doing positive and developmental politics, then their ministers and leaders do not have any kind of answer.

The Central Government has approved the setting up of an ethanol plant by Hindustan Petroleum Corporation Limited in district Una. This plant will be set up in 30 acres of land at a cost of 500 crores. Rice, sugarcane and maize will be majorly used for ethanol production. With the establishment of this plant, about 300 people of the area will get direct and indirect employment opportunities. The state will get annual revenue of up to 25 crores in the form of GST.

This is a big gift from the center to the state.

He said that once again we want to remind the Congress party of their 10 guarantees, old pension scheme will be restored, women will get 1500 every month, inflation will be hit, we will give 300 units free electricity, 5 lakh jobs to the youth, Gardeners will decide the price of fruits, startup fund of Rs 680 crore for youth, free treatment will be done in every village from mobile clinic, four English medium schools will open in every assembly, 10 liters of milk will be bought every day from cow and buffalo farmers, Rs 2 per kg I will buy cow dung.

Even today the public is waiting as to when the Congress will fulfill these guarantees.

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