Shanta Kumar expresses displeasure regarding abject poverty & starvation in the Country

Former Union Minister and former Chief Minister  Shanta Kumar on Wednesday showed anger and displeasure over abject poverty and starvation in the country and the increasing divide between rich and poor.

In a statement issued from Palampur that not only the heart but also the soul of every Indian must have trembled after knowing the incident of Mandali village of Rajasthan where a w BJP stalwart said that he is in deep pain on a woman suffering from poverty and starvation killed her four children and then hanged herself. Her husband had gone far away for work. 

He said that Environment Day was celebrated all over India in the past, and big promises and plans were made. He said, “I am sad that the country is not paying attention to the one problem due to which all the problems are arising that India has become the most populous country in the world by leaving China.

 Along with this, poverty, starvation, unemployment, and  pollution also started becoming highest in the world.” Shanta said that the country’s capital Delhi has become a gas chamber, there is one crore population and one and a half crore vehicles are running. He said that India has 15 of the world’s 20 most polluted cities. 

 According to a report, about 50 lakh people are dying every year due to pollution.  Shanta said that there have also been reports of children getting cancer due to this pollution in Delhi.  

He said that according to the report of the Global Hunger Index, 190 million people sleep hungry at night.  all 20 In some very poor states, daughters of very poor families are bought and sold, he said.  Shanta said that due to unemployment, youth power is also going towards crime, and suicides are also increasing.  

For jobs up to peon B.A. and M.A.  becoming candidates.  He said that the country’s capital is under the pressure of increasing population.  Hundreds of illegal settlements of 20 lakh people settled in Delhi.  Shanta said it was illegal but the road was built, water was found.  vote after a few years. 

 He said that due to the politics of all the parties, those illegal settlements were legalized.  It was hoped that the government would do something in this direction, but nothing has happened to date.  

He said that population explosion is the root cause of all the problems of the country.  “We were 33 crores at the time of partition, today we have become 141 crores. Growing population like a locust has become the biggest problem in the country and the country is not paying attention. 

This is the biggest reason for poverty, hunger, unemployment, and pollution. The whole country should take a decision in this direction in time. The increasing population should be stopped by law, he added.

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