Central government decision of reducing import duty on foreign apples is anti-farmers: Pratibha Singh

State Congress President MP Pratibha Singh has criticized the central government for reducing the import duty on foreign apples, saying that this decision of the Modi government at the center is completely anti-farmer and gardener. She has said that the farmers of the state are already facing the brunt of the rising cost of production and other expenses of apples and they are not even getting the full value of the cost, so reducing the import duty on apples by the central government is equivalent to sprinkling salt on the wound. She has alleged that the Modi government at the Center is playing with the interests of the farmers and orchardists under a well-thought-out strategy, which will never be tolerated. She has asked the central government to reconsider this decision. Calling for unity against the reduction of import duty, she said that Congress is standing for any struggle with the farmers and gardeners.

In a statement, Pratibha Singh said here today that Prime Minister Narendra Modi had made big promises to the apple growers during the elections in the state. She said that there was also a major promise to increase the import duty on foreign apples, but on the contrary, she has reduced it. It is clear that there is a difference of day and night between his words and actions. She did not fulfill any of the promises made to the apple growers.

Pratibha Singh also accused the former BJP government of the state that BJP. The previous government also grossly neglected the farmers and gardeners during its tenure. Along with a huge increase in the fertilizers provided to the farmers and gardeners, the BJP also drastically cut down the facilities provided to the gardeners. From apple trays to cartons and all types of insecticides were also made expensive. The BJP did not provide any help to the apple growers during its tenure.

Pratibha Singh has said that the Congress government of the state will not allow any kind of messing with the interests of the farmers and gardeners and she is standing with them against any anti-farmers and gardeners decision. She has also asked the state government to place this issue before the Centre.

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