Heavy rain damaged 39 residential houses and cow sheds in Peeran Panchayat of Shimla

Due to landslides caused by heavy rains, 39 residential houses and cowsheds have been damaged in Peeran of Mashobra block, including 19 houses and 20 cowsheds. Panchayat Pradhan Kiran Sharma told that a lot of damage has been caused due to debris falling on the roof of the residential house of Bhagat Chand Anand of Trahai village. Similarly, the house of Nek Ram Sharma of Devathi village has been declared unsafe. Deshraj of Anji village, Kapoor Singh, Indra Singh, Madan, Shanti Devi, Shyamlal and Dayalo Devi, Prabhuram of Bagra, Jaichand of Karewadi, Krishna Lal of Shilli, Nitya Nadan of Khaltu, Khayali Ram, Kaushalya, Anokhi Ram, Pajal of Batola village. Houses of K Baburam, Ramesh of Madhar, Babli of Chalog, and Devadat Chetram of Jathog Devathi were partially damaged by the landslide. However, the danger of collapse of these houses remains. Similarly, about 20 cow shelters have been partially damaged in Peeran Panchayat. About ten link roads built by the panchayat have been closed due to which farmers are facing difficulty in taking their crops to the mandis. Apart from this, hundreds of bighas of farmers’ land have been destroyed due to landslides. They say that if the havoc of heavy rains continues like this, many houses will be completely damaged. Pradhan said that the matter has been taken up with the government to compensate for the damage caused by heavy rains in Peeran Panchayat so that the affected families can get relief.
Rural Revenue Officer of Patwar Circle, Vijay Kumar said that as per the instructions of the government, the report of the assessment of damage caused by heavy rains and landslides is being sent to the higher officials from time to time.

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