BJP legislators walkout from the Assembly and abstain from question hour

All members of the BJP walked out from the state assembly in question hours on the fifth day of the Monsoon session demanding an extension of services of the outsourced employees. 
As the house was assembled for the question hours BJP member Randhir Sharma said that party legislators had given the notice to Speaker Kuldeep Singh Pathainia on Friday. He said that the BJP legislature party has demanded the suspension of business under rule 67 to discuss the issue of extension of services of outsourced employees.
Mr. Sharma said that they have submitted Kam Roko Parstav under rule 67 as many employees hired by the previous BJP rule on the outsourcing basis in the IPH and Health Department are being terminated by the government. He said that thousands of employees who are working in the IPH are not given extensions and salaries of many have not been paid. He said that many of the outsourced employees who were victimized by the Sukhu Government are sitting on Dharna outside the assembly.   
Leader of Opposition Jai Ram Thakur said that around 2000 employees who were hired during the coronavirus pandemic and served the family members of people in dire times are not been without pay for the last six months and swards of termination of their services are hanging on them as the Government is going to terminate their services with effect from Sep 30, 2023. 
Denying the allegations made by the Mr Sharma and Leader of Opposition Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu said that BJP members are trying to deviate from the facts and they did not present the correct picture on the issue of outsourcing employees.
He said that the BJP government hired a number of employees on an outsourced basis but did not make any policy to regularize their services. He said that the Congress government is converting the services of outsourced employees in the ward boys and nurses, but the file for the extension of their services has been pending for the last three months and they have not been terminated. He said that 2,000 outsourced employees would be paid a salary and the government has considered extending their services from June to September 2023. 
CM challenged the opposition that if they felt that we were telling lies they could bring privilege’s motion. He said that all the COVID workers outsourced were given an extension twice till June 30. BJP MLAs are confused CM said adding that they should consider the complete facts. He said that salary was disbursed to the outsourced employees through vendors and the process takes time.  The Government would consider their service sympathetically if ward boys and nursing others could be absorbed. He accused the BJP of adopting the policy they advertised the jobs and later put them in the trap of court.  
When the Speaker later rejected the adjournment motion in the house they asked the members to take the question hours. BJP members boycotted the question hours and later walked out of the assembly.
Condemning the walkout of the opposition Chief Minister said that the opposition should set their house in order as they seemed to be divided in this monsoon session and raising issues without any coordination in the houses. He said that the people of the state know that they are not standing with them on the issue of demanding a central package of Rs 12000 Crore and they have not supported the government in the assembly and outside on the issue. He said that 440 people lost their lives, 35 others are still missing, and 5000 livestock died in the fain fury. 
Chief Minister condemned the opposition for cordoning the chair of the house yesterday when it was discussing the Agriculture bill despite the speaker having allowed them to speak in depth on the bill.  
The BJP MLAs continue the boycott of question hours for the second day today after staging a walkout.

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