Himachal Government is contemplating the rights of Hatee & OBC community   

Himachal Pradesh Government informed the state assembly today that it was considering the issue of declaring the Hattee community as a Scheduled Tribal area in the state and the rights of OBCs as the matter is pending before it for contemplation. 

Replying :

Replying to a query raised by Rena Kashyapa during the question hours, Revenue Minister Jagat Singh Negi said in the state assembly on Friday that the government is considering the provision of rights of ST and OBC to the people of Hatee Community of Sirmaur district. Minister said that a constitutional order was passed by the President on August 4, 2023, granting SC tribe status to the Hatee community of Sirmaour district. In reply to a query raised by Rena Kashayap Minister said that the matter is under consideration by the state government about the rights of Hatee and the OBC community. 

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