CSIR-Floriculture Mission gave 120 farmers 27 thousand Gerbera and 25 thousand Gypsophila planting material

CSIR-Institute of Himalayan Bioresource Technology (CSIR-IHBT), Palampur 19
On 20 September 2023 under the CSIR-Floriculture Mission in Himachal Pradesh, Punjab and
120 farmers of Uttarakhand were given 27 thousand Gerbera and 25 thousand Gypsophila planting materials.
Made distribution.
CSIR-Floriculture Mission is a nationwide program designed to utilize the technologies of CSIR.
To increase farmers’ income and develop entrepreneurship through high-value floriculture by using
It is being implemented in 22 states with the aim of Also, CSIR-IHBT in the country
Has been continuously active in promoting the business of flower farming. Open and protected near the institute
Standardized technologies are available for plant propagation and flower cultivation in the environment.
On this occasion, Dr. Sudesh Kumar Yadav, Director of CSIR-IHBT said that the
The disease-free quality planting material provided under this scheme is given to the farmers at 90 percent subsidy.
Which is helpful in increasing the income of farmers.
Dr. Bhavya Bhargava, Mission Nodal Officer of CSIR-IHBT said that this year the institute will
Will provide quality planting material to cover 174 hectares area in the states.
To provide best quality planting material to the benefited farmers from different states.
Expressed gratitude to CSIR-Floriculture Mission and CSIR-IHBT.

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