59 pc Polling in Shimla Municipal Corporation Election

To decide the fate of 102 candidates in the Shimla Municipal Corporation Election about 59 percent of polling was held till 1600 hrs on Tuesday counting of votes and result to be declared on May 4.

According to State Election Commissioner Anil Khachi out of 93920 total electorates 53385 use their Franchise in the 34 Shimla MC wards. 

A total of 29504 males out of a total of 49760 voters cast their vote while out of a total of 44160 female voters, 25881 women exercised their vote. The total percentage remained at 58.97 pc. In the municipal elections held in the year 2017, the total voting percentage was 57.80.

In the municipal elections, 59.29 percent of male voters and 58.60 percent of female voters exercised their vote. 

In the poll about 59.29 males and 58.90 females participated in the polling in 149 Polling stations.  In Bharari Ward, (59.88 pc) Ruldu Bhatta Ward,(56.51 pc) Kaithu Ward,(58.31 pc) Annandale Ward(59.94), Summerhill Ward(69.13) Tutu Ward,(63.45) and Majath ward,(61 ) In Boileauganj ward(62.63),  Kachchighati ward,(56.79)  Tutikandi ward, (62 35)  Nabha ward(64.67), Phagli Ward(60.65), Krishna Nagar ward,61.67) Ram Bazar Ward(62),  Lower Bazar ward, (57.26) Jakhu ward,(59) Banmore Ward(69.84), Engine Ghar ward,(51), Sanjauli check ward(52.45) Upper Dhali ward(70.59) Lower Dhalli ward,(61.83) Shanti Vihar ward(62), Inn Bhatta Kufar ward,74.92 pc)  Sangti Ward(57), In Malyana ward(67) Pantaghati ward(46.8) and Kasumpti ward (53.8) .In Chhota Shimla ward(61.8), Vikas Nagar ward57.8), Kangnadhar ward,52.4) Patyog ward,(52.2)  New Shimla Ward,(55)   Khalini Ward(59.8), out of total 2108 male voters, 1280 voted, Kanlog ward(58.8)

 Counting of votes will start from 10 am on May 04 and postal ballots will be taken till 10 am on May 04.

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