Former BJP councilor displays solidarity with Congress candidates

Congress rebel and former Councilor of BJP displayed solidarity with Congress candidate Atul Gautam who is in the fray from Jakhu wards for the Shimla MC poll held here today. The Congress-backed Archana Dhawan in Shimla Municipal Corporation joined BJP on July 16, 2019, deserting his party. In a dramatic development, Ms Dhawan who is a three-time councillor from Jakhu wards today supported the candidate of his old party.

It is pertinent to mention that Ms. Dhawan was once considered close to the Holy Lodge and was amongst the most dedicated workers of the Congress party in Jakhu. 

BJP which swept the Shimla MC election in 2017 for the first time succeed to woo a number of party councilors from different parties including CPI(M) in its fold and the sudden departure of Dhawan being a sitting Councilor was not taken in good taste by the grand old party.

There is a direct contest between Congress candidate Atul Gataum and Rajan Aggarwal from BJP. It is worthwhile to mention that it is not only Ms. Dhwan who crossed the fence but a number of party-dedicated workers who are not aligning with the party candidate in Jakhu wards. 

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