10 Nauni varsity students undergoing a 21-day International internship in Indonesia

A 10-member student contingent of Dr. YS Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry, Nauni is undergoing a 21-day international internship programme in Indonesia. The students are at the Agency for Standardization for Environment and Forestry Instruments (ASEFI) of the Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry in Jakarta.

The students will be part of a 21-day academic internship programme at ASEFI and will attend a series of seminars and interactive sessions organised by the agency. Various themes related to Standardization on Environment and Forestry, Good Governance, Disaster Resilience and Climate Change will be covered during the internship. The opportunity will provide capacity building for the university students in environmental and forestry management. The internship programme has been funded by the National Agricultural Higher Educational Project’s Institutional Development Plan (NAHEP IDP).

Among the students, Diksha Pundir, Rhythm Kaul, Muskan Thakur are  from the College of Horticulture while Vibha Thakur, Darshana Thakur and Sakshi represent the College of Forestry. Four students, Aditi Thakur, Himani Rana, Akshita Sharma and Abhay Singh are from the university’s College of Horticulture and Forestry, Neri.

Professor Rajeshwar Singh Chandel, Vice-Chancellor thanked the ICAR, NAHEP National Director Dr. RC Aggarwal and National Coordinator Dr. Naveen Jain for giving the students an opportunity to learn from the top global research institutes and develop an international perspective. He also congratulated Dr. KK Raina, PI IDP and the whole team for arranging this training programme.

Dr. KK Raina informed that this is the fifth batch of students who have been sent for the international training programme by the university under this project. Earlier, 42 students attended a month-long programme at AIT, Bangkok while 10 students completed a three-week internship at Western Sydney University, Australia and another batch of 10 students attended an international internship at KOB Germany. Additionally, 37 faculty have also availed the opportunity to enhance their skills through international training programmes in Australia, Canada, Israel, Germany, Thailand, South Korea and the United Kingdom.

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