CSIR-IHBT Palampur celebrated Hindi Diwas

“Hindi Fortnight” at CSIR-Himalayan Institute of Bioresource Technology, 1st September
Celebrated with great enthusiasm between 14 September 2023. during this fortnight
The institute organizes various competitions like typing, debate, popular science writing, etc.
Was also organized.
The Hindi Diwas celebration was organized on Thursday, 14 September 2023. of the ceremony
Chief Guest Dr. Puranpal, Ex. Hindi Officer, CCSIR Headquarters
Gave a speech on the topic ‘Official Language Policy: Compulsory Compliance’. in your address
He discussed the constitutional provisions of the Official Language Policy, the Official Language Act, and the Official Language Rules.
Simple, easy, and effective on the essentials of the official language while giving detailed information about
Gave a presentation.
Dr. Sudesh Kumar Yadav, Director of the Institute and Chairman of the Program, said more in the official language.
And inspired to do original work. Also, he said that Hindi is easy and
Simplicity connects hearts emotionally and this is our strength. He said “Hindi is
Ended his address with the lyrics of the song “Hum Watan Hai Hindusta Hamara”.
On this occasion, the winners of the competitions organized by the institute under Hindi Pakhwada
The personnel doing original work in Hindi were also honored and encouraged.

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