Congress minister says that JCB will be used by Congress leaders and not by BJP leaders: Jairam

Leader of Opposition and former Chief Minister Jairam Thakur’s present Congress government is proving to be a failure in handling the disaster.

He said that more than 1000 government institutions have been closed ever since the Congress government came to power and now Sardar Patel University Mandi, which had more than 140 colleges, has been cut out of which a large number of colleges have been cut. The institute will have colleges from only three districts. This is unfortunate.

The Chief Minister of the Congress government is working only to create news, when the news is not made, then one or the other institution is closed.

He said that recently one more post has been created in the Chief Minister’s Office, its notification has also been done. The time of disaster is going on but the government’s expenses are not reducing. That huge army of OSD, Political Advisor, CPS is already standing. Now the government is going to take more loan, it has come to know that very soon this government is going to take another loan of 500 crores. The Congress government is a government of mismanagement.

He said that a large number of roads across the state have come to a standstill and the work to open them has not yet started on the ground. Where the people of BJP are trying to open the road by giving their JCB free of cost, then their youth minister at the same time gives instructions that the JCB of any BJP worker will not be used for less. Only Congress will be concerned, is there any eligibility even in disaster.

He said that there is a huge lack of coordination in this government, till now even the figures of the Congress are not stable regarding the damage caused in the disaster. If the Chief Minister says something, then the ministers say something else.

Till date, it has never happened in the state that the ration depot has run out of ration, at one place they are promoting inflation by increasing the rates of diesel and at the other place they are troubling the public due to lack of ration in the ration depot.

He said that Rajindra Rana’s letter has come on social media, Congress should work on it seriously. The things in the letter are serious.

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