Now waterborne disease looms danger to lives in Himachal: Advisory issued by state health dept

Naturally, calamities reeling loss of hundreds of lives and billions of rupees in properties now looming new danger in Himachal Pradesh as waterborne diseases are investing in the state, an Advisory issued by the state government health department cautioned.

Health Minister Dr. Dhaniram Shandil stated on Friday that the outbreak of water-borne diseases is the new challenge before the health department during the rainy season.

He claimed that during the previous 24 hours, the state registered as many as  2,740 cases of eye flu, 322 -Diarrhea, 59 high fever Typhoid,34 cases of mysterious fever or Scrub Typhus, and five cases of Jaundice.

He said that Hamirpur district reported 160 cases of Diarrhea as many patients are getting treatment in the district.

The most fatal water-born disease in the state is Scrub Typhus detected in 34 patients so far many more cases are increasing in the major hospital as it requires immediate hospitalization. He said that there are reports that two people died of it so far.

During the meeting with state health officers, Mr. Shandil directed the authorities to deal with the outbreak of war footing so that the lives of people could be saved.

Besides this, instructions have been given to PHC, CHC, and district-level hospitals to make proper arrangements to deal with these diseases.

He said that waterborne diseases are annual features therefore community medicine should embark on advanced strategies to deal with it besides putting in place a public awareness campaign on Social media.

“Due to excess rainfall state  large number of cases of Diarrhea and eye flu  are also coming to light in the state.”  The Cases of scrub typhus, jaundice, and Typhoid are being confirmed across the state and need effective and quality health care to save the lives of its victims.

The Health Minister instructed the medicine department to cope with the emergent situation and deploy highly trained medical staff and prompt medical care

 The Health Department is going to run an awareness campaign on these diseases at the village level so that people can know how to deal with the outbreak to protect them at home during the rainy season.

The state also reported number of Dengue breaks in the last few years hasn’t surfaced during this Monsoon session so far.

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