Subsidy of Rs 200 on LPG domestic gas cylinders by the Central Government as a mere election gimmick: Zainab Chandel

State Mahila Congress President Zainab Chandel has termed the subsidy of Rs 200 on LPG domestic gas cylinders by the Central Government as a mere election gimmick. He said that since 2014, the BJP government at the Center had made life easier for the people, especially the housewives, by continuously increasing the LPG prices, now When the 2024 general elections are coming up, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has given people a tantrum. On whom the public is not going to believe now.

Criticizing the central government, Zainab Chandel has said that in this 9-year tenure of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, all the records of inflation and unemployment have been broken. He said that every section is troubled because of the anti-people policies of the central government.

Zainab Chandel has said in a statement issued here that in the last 9 years, the central government has looted 31.37 crore people by increasing the price of LPG. He earned Rs 8,33,640.76 crore from the public pocket. From 2017 till now, the central government looted 68,702,76 crores from the Ujwala sisters. You haven’t done any favor by deducting 200 rupees after such a huge loot.

Zainab Chandel has alleged that the BJP government at the Center has done great injustice to the public by waiving off the loans of some of its fellow capitalists. No relief was given to the public. He has said that if the BJP government is really women-friendly, then they should increase the price of LPG gas cylinders to Rs 500 so that the housewives can get some relief from rising inflation.

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