Women did not get 1500, youth did not get jobs : Nanda

Karn Nanda said that the people did not get any guarantee or development under the Congress rule. The government proved to be zero in disaster management and a hero in spending.

He said that when Congress has to contest elections, Congress leaders start beating the drum of false guarantees and when the elections are over, Congress leaders lose their memory.

He said that the Congress government has completely forgotten the promise of 1500 per month to women and employment to the youth.

Recently, during the Corona period, the outsourced workers employed in various departments have sought a guarantee from the Sukhu government that they will not be fired. This guarantee has been sought because even the employees do not have faith in the government and the ministers.

The tenure of outsourced workers was extended till September 30, but a line has been added to the orders issued by the government, saying that after this date, relief orders will also be issued to them. These are the same warriors of the Corona era whom the government has also honored.

During the Corona period, 1,844 Corona Warriors have risked their lives and served in the hospitals of Himachal Pradesh. The state government must extend their service.

He said that while reminding the 10 guarantees of the Congress government, he has demanded a guarantee of service extension.

Nanda said that he has served in the difficult times of Corona when there was an atmosphere of fear among most of the people. For the last almost 3 months, he has not even received his salary, now there is no hope of a job.

We demand from the government that the government should work with sensitivity towards these warriors.

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