Water distribution Monkey business in Shimla town: Shimla Nagarik Sabha

Shimla Municipal Corporation is disbursing water to the VVIP area and Posh colony however the outskirts and general public didn’t get the supply of water since six days of heavy rainfall in the town.

Alleging the SMC and Shimla Jalpra Phandhan Nigim Limited indulged in Monkey business residents alleged that the VVIPS area and area belonged to bureaucracy and ministerial staff including MLA quarters are being given supply whereas the general public is crying for a bucket of water. 

The Tutu unit of Shimla Nagarik Sabha protested against the non-supply of water to the public for several days outside the Mayor’s office of Municipal Corporation Shimla by carrying empty vessels.  

Nagrik Sabha has warned that if regular water is not supplied to the people of Tutu and Shimla, then Nagrik Sabha will intensify the agitation. 

SNS co-convenor Vijender Mehra and Tutu unit secretary Hemraj Chaudhary have said that water is not being supplied in Tutu and Shimla for the last several days.  

Municipal Corporation has not supplied water to the public for a week.  Jal Shakti Department has also not made water available to the public for the last ten days. 

 In such a situation, the public is in great trouble.  The Municipal Corporation has not been able to supply water through water tankers even to the roadside buildings.  

What to say about the condition of buildings away from the road.  People have to walk from a kilometer away to fetch water from handpumps.

  The municipal corporation itself is claiming that the corporation is getting one-third water supply. 

 According to this estimate, water should be supplied to the people of Shimla City and Tutu every third day, but the people have not received water even after a week.  

There is discrimination and nepotism in the distribution of city water.  The regular supply of water is being done in the areas and colonies of influential people while the general public is crying foul for water. 

The SMC has a different approach and two standards for water supply in Shimla city for influential persons and the general public.  

Mehra demanded the SMC coordinate better with the Shimla Jal Prabandhan Nigam Limited in this dire water crisis and provide regular water to the public.  

He has warned the SMC that port distribution in water supply will not be tolerated under any circumstances.  He has demanded that keeping in view the present situation, water should be supplied to the entire Shimla town every third day.  

Narendra Sharma of Middle Bazar said that Keymens are supplying water to MLA quarters when he pointed to one of Keymens and Junior Engineer of SJPNL they said that it is not in their hands.

He said that VVIPS are getting supplies in Chhota Shimla, Benmore ward, US club, and Brokhost, and Sanjouli but the entire town is without water.

Mr Sharma said that when water supply was resumed to town why pick and choose being adopted? He said that SMC is supplying water tanks at the demand of councilors but the water supply should be regulated.

One thought on “Water distribution Monkey business in Shimla town: Shimla Nagarik Sabha

  • Vivek Ranjan

    Same situation is for Shanan area !!
    We get water sometimes one day a week ,,, ???? What is this going on , do we not have our families??
    The tank provided for the Shanan Area is too small and it has not been dealt with ,for decades now !!
    Shanan area has scarcity of water and immediate action has to be needed.


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