Vikramaditya’s comments on Leader of Opposition Jairam Thakur are unfortunate: BJP

BJP state media in-charge Karan Nanda, co-media in-charge Pyaar Singh and candidate Ravi Mehta said that the way senior Congress leader and minister Vikramaditya Singh has commented on Leader of Opposition Jairam Thakur is unfortunate.

Making such comments just to remain in the headlines does not suit Vikramaditya Singh.

If we talk about it, during the time of the present government, Vikramaditya Singh has retracted his statements many times. It is useless to discuss about this because it is widely known. Perhaps Vikram should get the title of Palturam, the public knows how Vikramaditya Singh used to retract his statements repeatedly in times of disaster.

He said that the Congress party is suffering from contradictions and due to mutual tension, Congress leaders are feeling suffocated in their own party. State President of Congress Party Pratibha Singh has cried bitterly for her party many times in front of the high command of Congress, many names like Kuldeep Rathore, Rajendra Rana, Sudhir Sharma have expressed their grief many times on social media and media. Perhaps due to this suffocation, Congress leaders are making such statements to maintain their dominance.

He said that BJP is going to hold a big protest outside the Assembly on September 25, which will make it clear to the Congress party how they have betrayed the public on many fronts. Vikramaditya Singh is an active member of the group of liars, when the entire family lies, then how can he tell the truth.

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