Two more bodies recovered from Shiv Baudi rubbles in Shimla

After ten days of the Shiv Baudi tragedy near Summerhill in Shimla, two more bodies were recovered increasing the total recovered bodies to 20 now.

According to the district administration National Disaster Management Authority Jawan pulled out two more lifeless bodies of a 4-year-old girl named Sumaira and Pawan have been discovered amidst the rubble. 

After the recovery of these two bodies, the total number of dead bodies recovered to date has reached 20.

Late Sumaira and Pawan had visited the temple with their family of seven, all of whom perished in the calamity. The bodies of her parents (Archana and Aman) and grandparents had already been recovered, and with these two recovered today, all members of the family have been found. 

The ill-fated family, hailing from Aman Cottage in the MI Room area of Summerhill ward, had come to the temple for a special prayer session.

Earlier in the day, another victim, Neeraj, was found deceased at the Shiv Mandir site in Summerhill’s Shiv Baudi area. Neeraj was also a resident of the Summerhill area.

With this discovery, the count of bodies retrieved from the disaster site now reaches twenty as confirmed by area councilor Virender Thakur.

The tragic incident occurred on August 14, when a devastating landslide struck the iconic Shiv temple, located in the heart of Summerhill. The disaster, which unfolded around 7 AM, claimed the lives of approximately 20 individuals who had gathered for prayers at the temple.

It is worthwhile to mention that the ill-fated day held immense significance, being a Monday—a day traditionally considered auspicious for worship. The catastrophe struck even as many were engrossed in preparing ‘Prasad’, compounding the situation.

Daring continuing increasing rainfall, NDRF, police, army, and locals from the area have been searching tirelessly for the past 10 days to recover the bodies of all the deceased in the tragedy. 

NDRF and administration have assured the affected families that it would continue the rescue operation until the last person died in the tragedy would not dig out. Rescue operation site spreads from Shiv temple to two km downstream.

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