Legislature Panel to visit abroad to Study about non-normative use of Cannabis cultivation 

A Legislature Panel constituted by the government of Himachal Pradesh would likely visit the US and other Nations to study the non-normative application of cannabis cultivation in the state.

This was disclosed today by Horticulture Minister Jagat Singh Negi who is chairman of this panel addressing the media person here today.

He said that the Panel studied the cultivation of cannabis by the state of Uttrakhand recently and also interacted with farmers of the state who are affected by the banning of the cultivation of cannabis. 

The committee comprising Mr. Negi, a Member of the Assembly from Kullu Sunderlal, Dr. Janak Raj, and Kewal Singh Pathania also visited Gwalior of Madhya Pradesh to explore the possibility of its use for neuropathic and non-normative application in the state.

Mr. Negi said that the government is trying to explore if cannabis cultivation in the state would help the state economy of state studying all possible conditions required for its plantation. 

Minister said the committee would find out academic points of view by visiting foreign states, various universities, and also abroad. 

 The opinion is being taken in this regard by visiting different areas of the state and apart from the state to rid out all possibility of its social and criminal misuse.  He said that the committee is now trying to seek feedback from the country where the use of Cannabis is not contraband. 

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