Truckers strike against Bharatiya Nayay Sahinta fuels crisis in Himachal Pradesh

A trucker strike in north India fueled a fuel crisis affecting transport services in the state on Tuesday.

Petrol pumps in many places are dry as truckers are not transporting oils from Ambala and other Stations and plants of Indian Oil and Bharat Petroleum.

Gopal Thakur residents of Rampur said that the petrol pump at Jathiadevi, Hiranagar, and Shimla Berrier is dry as no supply is coming to the state due to the Truck and tanker operators strike. 

According to a driver who drives pick-up chakajam call of trucks was given following rash driving and killing of a cognizable offense in the newly enacted Bharatiya Nayay Sahinta as IPC was replaced by new criminal code legislation recently.

He said that if anyone died while driving of truck and vehicle driver would be booked under cognizable offense in a run case. 

All the roads in the state got a deserted look as most petrol vehicles have been off the road for the last two days. A high-level meeting was on by the government to manage the traffic.

Chief Minister Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu also directed the state government official to switch over to electrical vehicles as the government could not afford expenses on diesel and petrol for their SUVs. 

However, CM cautioned that was not in the wake of the petrol pump crisis or truckers strike. Several Government services baring electrical vehicles are off the road today.

Only those private buses that have a quota of fuel with their reserve are running in the state.

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