Traffic jams a common in Rajgarh

Due to parking of vehicles on both sides of the roads, the problem of jams has become common in Rajgarh city. Most of the vehicles jam on the road below Shirgul Mandir, below Gurudwara, and UCO Back. However, a lot of efforts are being made by the police to run the movement of vehicles normally.
On the other hand, the parking problem in the city is taking a formidable form. Vehicle holders coming from outside have to fight with police personnel every day due to the lack of parking facilities in the city. Perhaps Rajgarh will be the first city in the state where light and two-wheelers are challenged the most every day as there is no parking facility available in the city either in government or private sector. It is a matter of surprise that after coming into existence for the last thirty years, the local Nagar Panchayat has not been able to solve the problem of parking. Because of this people have raised many questions on the working style of Nagar Panchayat and local administration.
The situation of chaos is that the local people have made permanent parking on the side of the city roads, for which the local police or the city panchayat has not taken any step to date to remove them. The plight of those coming from outside is that if they park their vehicles on the old Adda or Mall Road for a while, the policemen click photos from their mobiles and issue online challans.
Many vehicle owners say that in view of the increasing number of vehicles, the government should make arrangements for parking in the public interest so that the vehicle owner does not become a victim of challan, as the road from Rajgarh to Haripurdhar Nauhradhar, Khairi, Barusahib, Habban Chandol Dhamla for Pulwahal There is movement of vehicles throughout the day. People come from far-off places to buy goods from the market and work in the hospital or various offices. Parking is a big problem for the people. On the other hand, in the year 2018, the CM Jairam Thakur of the former government announced to construction of a parking in Rajgarh, which has remained only in the papers till date. A few days before the assembly elections, the work of cutting off plots for parking was started and stopped as soon as the elections were over.
AXION Lonivi Mandal Rajgarh Rajgarh told that the drawing of parking has been prepared and has been sent for approval. Thereafter DPR will be prepared.

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