The current government is against apple growers: Kashyap

BJP’s entire state president and MP visited Kotkhai Mandal, during which he took the meeting of Kotkhai BJP Mandal. Addressing the meeting, he said that the present Congress government is anti-apple growers.

He said that in the time of present disaster, this government has failed in opening a large number of roads which were closed during the tenure of the Congress government. The apples could not reach the markets and facing disappointment, the gardeners dumped it all in the rivers and drains. These people were expecting relief from the government, but the government misused the Pollution Control Board and imposed a fine on these people today. This farmer brother will have to pay Rs 1 lakh.

What kind of justice is this when people are waiting for relief and the government imposes fine on them? Bharatiya Janata Party strongly condemns this.

He said that nine houses were reduced to ashes in the massive fire in Daroti village of Tikkar tehsil of Shimla district. I visited here along with BJP workers and met the families of the victims.

21 families became homeless due to this fire. The fire caused by short circuit caused loss worth crores. People were sleeping when the fire broke out. As soon as the noise was heard, the sleeping people ran away to save their lives. According to the information, the fire broke out in the fourth floor of Surendra Ranta’s house at around 11:30 pm this night. During that time the family members were sleeping in the lower floor of the house. When a young man from the village saw the fire coming out from the roof, he raised an alarm and woke up the people. After that the villagers gathered started evacuating people from the burning houses even before the fire spread. LPG cylinders from nearby houses and animals were taken out from cow sheds. Meanwhile, efforts were made to control the fire, but nothing could be saved except the clothes of the people of the affected families.

These families did not get proper relief from the government. We demand that the government should provide maximum compensation to all these families. I will also provide funds for this area from MP Lad Fund soon.

During this, BJP State Secretary Daisy Thakur, District President Arun Falta, Mandal President Umesh Sharma were present with him.

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