The administration gave immediate relief of 20 thousand to Nitesh Kumar after his house was damaged

In lieu of the damage caused to the house of Nitesh Kumar’s son Krishna Lal in village panchayat Satlai due to heavy rains and landslides, an amount of 20 thousand has been provided by the administration as immediate relief. Which has been confirmed by Naib Tehsildar Junga Ravindra Kumar. He told that only three cases have come from 12 Gram Panchayats under Junga Tehsil, in which Nitesh’s house in Satlai has been completely damaged. In addition, three houses have been partially damaged. In which the houses of Bhagat Chand Anand of Trahai, Indra Singh of Anji, and Heera Singh of Ghadot are included. He told that a report has been sought from the Patwaris posted in the field, on the basis of which the affected family will be given compensation as per the disaster rules by the government.

On the other hand, State President of Kisan Sabha, Dr. Kuldeep Tanwar has demanded the government to get a special Girdawari done so that the damage caused by heavy rains can be assessed correctly. He told that the correct report of damage from Gram Panchayats and other field agencies is not being given to the administration, due to which many people will be deprived of help from the government. He said that only four cases of damage due to heavy rains have come to the attention of the local administration whereas in reality there are many more. Dr. Tanwar told that a technical team should be sent to the field to assess the damage. Told that the loss assessment done by Patwari is not accurate. Only civil engineers can assess the damage correctly.

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