Talks between Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board Employees & Management failed 

The talk with Management over a call of protest by the Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board remained to fail to end the deadlock on Wednesday as no assurance was given on the Employee’s demand for the Old Pension Scheme in the state.

The press statement issued by Mr. Heera Lal Verma, Co-convenor of Jont Front and General Secretary, of Himachal Pradesh State Electricity Board Employees Union said today.

During the meeting held between HPSEB  Employees and Engineers Front with the Management Director of the board here today, employees demanded to withdraw the four small hydro projects of Chamba district which have been transferred to the Himachal Pradesh State Power Corporation.  

The Front said that the Electricity Board has entered into an agreement with the German company for funding these projects, which has a grant of Rs 550 crore. Employees said that if  Power Corporation would execute the project state government would be deprived of sanctioned grants.   

Employees said that the trifurcation of the Transmission, Generation, and Distribution wings would lead to complete the disbanding of the electricity board, and the Employeesbdemand to immediately stop the campaign to separate its transmission and generation wings. 

They press the management to stop the so-called power reform as snatching of assets to various wings would affect the services of the board and also put a burden on electricity board consumers as consumers have to pay high tariff rates.

Mr Hiralal said that during the meeting a detailed discussion was also held on the smart metering in the board. The union front urged the management that keep the financial condition of the board, this plan should be reconsidered.

All the issues were discussed in a cordial manner and Management also gave assurance to accept the suggestions but on the issue of the old pensions union did not agree with the mere reply of the management.

The management said that the memorandum on Old Pension would be sent again to the Finance Department of the State Government after some amendments however front has decided to continue the symbolic dharna of August 10, 2023, as during the lunch break, electricity workers and engineers would protest in the entire state.

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