German Development Bank approved Rs. 50.20 Cr for the Forest Eco-system Climate Proofing Project 2023-24

7 th meeting of the Executive Committee of the German Development Bank (KfW) funded Forest Eco-system Climate Proofing Project in Himachal Pradesh held today under the chairmanship of Sh. Onkar Sharma, Principal Secretary Forest in the CS Committee Room, Allerslie building in HP Secretariat, Shimla to approve APO of 50.20 Crore of KfW Project for the Financial Year 2023-24.

Smt. Upasana Patiyal, CPD-cum-APCCF KfW project briefed the committee about objective of the project and its ongoing activities in the Chamba and Kangra districts of Himachal Pradesh. She appraised the committee that the project was started in 2016.

Initially, the project was for 6 years up to December 2022 with an outlay of Rs. 308.45 crores. In 2023 the project is extended further for 3 years up to March 2026. The project is implemented with the objective to reduce forest degradation by eradicating Lantana & other invasive weeds from forest areas and rehabilitation of such areas, Enrichment of existing Bamboo areas, enrichment of degraded Chir Pine forests with Broad-leaved multipurpose tree species, rejuvenation of spring catchment areas, and enhancing the income of forest-dependent communities in vulnerable landscapes.

Onkar Sharma, Principal Secretary, Forests said that the capacity building of the stakeholders is very important as the project is being implemented through the involvement of local people at the micro level through the Village Forest Management Committees (VFMCs). He emphasized that exposure visits of the VFMCs especially women are crucial to achieving the targets under the project. He said that the exposure visits and trainings offer a valuable opportunity for the local communities especially women to actively engage in and contribute to forest restoration. He also said that quality planting material should be used for the rehabilitation of the

  1. degraded forest land.
  2. Rajiv Kumar, Principal Chief Conservator of Forests (HoFF) HP, said that the project
  3. is being implemented in 39 Forest Ranges and 9 Forest Divisions in Dharamshala
  4. and Chamba areas. He said that the targets of the projects will be achieved by the
  5. Forest Department through the active participation of local communities and
  6. strengthening of the field staff.
  7. Other participants in the meeting were Sh. C.P Verma, Special Secretary Forests,
  8. Sh. R. Lalnun Sanga , APCCF (Finance), Sh. Robin, Asstt. Director Rural
  9. Development and other Forest Officers.

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