Sutlej Jal Vidyut Nigam Contract Workers Union conference at Jhakri

Hundreds of workers took part in the conference. In the convention, a new executive committee consisting of 21 members was elected. In which Gurdas is president, Kamraj is general secretary, Pawan is treasurer, Rajkumar, Vidya is secretary, Kaul Ram, Rajendra Bhandari is vice president, Prem Sagar, Rakesh, Hemraj Thakur, Sooram Lal, Devendra Thakur, Vipin Sharma, Jai Dev, Parvati, Shiv Lal, Jagdish, Daulat Ram, Nisha, Pawan Thakur and Kali were elected as members.

Inaugurating the conference, CITU former state president Rakesh Singha, present state president Vijender Mehra, vice-president Jagat Ram, district president Kuldeep Dogra, Amit, Devki Nand, Prem Kayath and Dinesh Mehta said that since 2014, BJP’s leadership at the center Due to the neoliberal and pro-capitalist policies of the Modi government, the crisis of unemployment, poverty, inequality and livelihood is increasing. The spending capacity of the people to meet their needs is decreasing. Poverty and hunger are increasing due to unemployment and inflation. India has slipped to 107th position out of 121 countries in the category of countries suffering from hunger. These figures have exposed the Modi government’s so-called development propaganda in the country.

The conference reiterated the basic demands of the working people of the country, such as *ensuring a minimum wage of Rs 26,000 per month and a pension of Rs 10,000 to all workers; Legal guarantee of MSP at C2+50 per cent for all agricultural produce with guaranteed procurement; Abolishing the four Labor Codes and the Electricity Amendment Bill 2020, providing 200 working days at a wage of Rs 600 per day under MGNREGA with expansion to urban areas and one-time loan waiver to poor and medium farmers and agricultural labourers. The Joint Conference also raised demands to stop privatization of PSUs, abolish NMP, abolish Agneepath, stop price rise and strengthen and universalize PDS, Rs 10,000 pension for all workers and tax on the rich.*

After discussing about the Parliament March on 5 April 2023 in the conference, it was decided that workers from Sutlej Jal Vidyut Nigam Contract Workers Union 1500 MW Nathpa Jhakri will participate in the Parliament March.

Hundreds including Shuram Lal, Vinod, Vikas, Prem Chand, Bittu, Pratap, Hemraj, Pushpa, Pratap, Indra Pal, Hira Lal, Jai Chand, Ravi Kumar, Mahendra Singh, Nisha Devi, Prithvi Pal, Nanak Chand, Jiya Lal attended the conference. laborers were present

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