Shimla Nagarik Sabha meets commissioner Dr. Bhuvan Sharma

In addition to the Municipal Corporation, a delegation of Shimla Nagarik Sabha regarding heavy loss of life and property in the Krishna Nagar area of ​​Shimla city, a threat to buildings from trees, non-regular lifting of garbage and heaps of garbage, proper drainage of water and proper sewerage system. Commissioner met Dr. Bhuvan Sharma and handed over a memorandum to him. The civic body has demanded an immediate solution to these problems. The delegation included Sanjay Chauhan, Vijender Mehra, Falma Chauhan, Balak Ram, Sonia Sabarbal, Himi Devi, Meena Devi, Anil Thakur, Amit Thakur, Kamal Sharma, Harish Kumar, Shahbaz Khan, Ranjit, Bhanu Pratap, Bimla, Pushpa, Kaushalya, Sheela. Thakur, Pinky, Ashok, Bittu, Ashwani, Chaman Lal, Pankaj, Jagdish Chand, Amrita Devi and Dimple etc were present.

Nagarik Sabha convenor Sanjay Chauhan and co-convenor Vijender Mehra have said that due to heavy rains in Himachal Pradesh, there has been terrible devastation. The disaster has broken all records in Shimla city. Within two days, many buildings in the Krishna Nagar area of ​​Shimla city have been razed to the ground and many are in danger. A large area of ​​Krishnanagar has been declared unsafe. Many roads are broken or closed. The public is facing a lot of problems due to this tragedy. He has demanded from the administration that the trees which are proving to be a serious threat to life and property in the affected area of ​​Krishna Nagar should be cut down immediately. He has demanded immediate solutions to the problems of garbage not being picked up regularly and garbage piles, proper drainage of water and proper sewerage system, etc. in the Sikh Line area of ​​Krishna Nagar area, because the danger is increasing due to all these problems and public feeling insecure. Garbage is piling up in the drains of Krishna Nagar. Due to a lack of proper water drainage and a broken or open sewerage system, water is seeping into the buildings. On this, the Additional Commissioner issued instructions to Municipal Health Officer, SGPNL, Forest Department, and B&R Department to solve these problems immediately and asked the field officers to visit Krishna Nagar. Following the orders, the field officers visited Krishna Nagar and assured the local public of a solution. Nagrik Sabha has warned that if these problems are not resolved immediately, the public will mobilize and adopt the path of agitation.

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