Declare National Calamity and Provide Effective Relief to Himachal: All India Kisan Sabha

The All India Kisan Sabha (AIKS) expresses grave concern over the widespread devastation caused by the fresh spate of heavy rains and cloud bursts in various parts of Himachal Pradesh. The unprecedented extent of damage to lives, homes, properties, and basic infrastructure has rendered the life of the people totally paralyzed. AIKS deeply shares the people’s agony and tremendous hardships caused due to recent rains even before the suffering people could have recovered from the first round of the monsoon fury. We express our sympathy to the families who have lost their near and dear ones. 

The scale of difficulties can be imagined in the wake of the massive destruction of highways, bridges, electricity, water supply, agriculture, horticulture, etc. In addition to the massive damage to crops, the farmers are not able to take the produce like fruits, vegetables, flowers, etc. that could be retrieved to the market. 

The AIKS strongly condemns the BJP-led Union Government for its insensitivity in not yet declaring the floods in Himachal as a national disaster with a financial package to meet the requirement of huge losses. According to estimates, 327 persons have lost their lives, 16,000 heads of cattle washed away, and the total loss has amounted to over Rs 10,000 crores during the past two months. 

The AIKS has raised serious questions over the bankrupt developmental trajectory adopted for exclusively benefiting the corporate sector and big companies, throwing to winds all environmental norms, resulting in dumping the debris into rivers and hills. The companies responsible for their culpability in the recurring disasters must be made accountable. 

The AIKS demands that the Himachal tragedy must be immediately declared as a national disaster, an adequate financial package must be provided, and the loss of farmers, homes, and dwellings must be compensated. AIKS appreciates the relief work carried out by activists of the Himachal Kisan Sabha who are reaching out to the flood-affected people. AIKS calls upon its units across India to help the people in distress in Himachal Pradesh and make contributions that may help in their efforts.

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