Sewage workers protest in Shimla

In Shimla, workers from the sewage treatment plants gathered at the Farmer Labor Building in Chitkara Park, Kathu, to voice their discontent with the Modi government. Led by Veerendra Mehra, Ramakant Mishra, Balak Ram, Pankaj Sharma, and Dalip Singh, they spoke out against the government’s policies.

They criticized the Modi government for dismantling labor laws and favoring corporates with new labor codes. The workers expressed frustration over rising unemployment and inflation, contrasting it with tax exemptions and bailouts for big corporations.

The assembly highlighted struggles and sacrifices, uniting the workers in a resolve to oust the Modi government. They condemned the government’s use of religious issues to divert attention from economic issues.

The protest in Shimla resonated nationwide, inspiring similar sentiments among workers and activists. It symbolized resistance against what was seen as anti-labor, anti-people, and anti-national policies.

In the shadow of the Himalayas, a movement emerged, aiming to restore democracy, uphold labor rights, and empower the common man. The workers of Shimla’s sewage treatment plants became symbols of change, ready to challenge authority and pave the way for a better future.

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