Rathore holds a meeting with officials, instructs them to open closed roads soon

MLA Kuldeep Rathore has gathered in the field to take stock of the damage due to heavy rains under the Theog assembly constituency. On Wednesday, he held a meeting with the officials in Narkanda. Officers of other departments including SDM Kumarsain, BDO, Public Works Department, Axion of Electricity Board, and DFO of Forest Department were involved in the meeting. In the meeting, a complete report of the damage caused by the rains in the assembly constituency was called and discussed.

He said that the state government is standing with the general public in the hour of this disaster. Providing security to the people in the time of this disaster is the priority of the state government. He instructed the officers that the apple season has started, and the roads have been closed due to rain and landslides, they should be opened soon. Start the work of opening the roads on a priority basis so that the people do not face any kind of inconvenience during the apple season.

He asked the officials of the Electricity Board to fix the electricity system in the villages soon. Along with this, the officials of Jal Shakti Department were instructed to repair the drinking water system.

He said that most of the panchayat roads have been damaged in this rain. A proper drainage system will be provided in the coming time to keep the roads safe. Officials said that most of the roads have been restored. The work of opening the roads is going on on a war footing. The cylinder of LPG gas going to Narkanda got stuck on the Valley Bridge due to overloading. MLA Kuldeep Rathore said that gas will be sent to Narkanda through pickup so that people do not face any kind of problems. He also patted the field staff for working with utmost dedication

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