Leh-Ladakh intrusion into Himachal Border, Members raise a concern 

The Member of Assembly from Lahaul Spiti Ravi Thakur today raised concern over the intrusion of Leh and Ladakh people into the Himachal border at the Shinkula and Sarchu border into the state.

During the question hours, Mr Thakur said that intrusion is going into the state border toward Himachal Pradesh and additional police forces should be deployed on the borders to monitor the movement of tourists and pilgrimages. Raising a supplementary on this matter he said that migration is going between the borders and there is intrusion into the districts. He said that the government should resolve the border dispute between Leh Lakdhak and with Lahaul Spiti district. Mr Thakur said that  Leh-Ladakh has made an intrusion by 35 kilometers in Shinkula and 14 kilometers in the Sarchu border in Himachal and the Government should take it seriously. In the absence of Revenue Minister Jagat Singh Negi, Education Minister Rohit Thakur responded by saying that the border dispute with Leh-Ladakh would be resolved soon.  A meeting would be convened soon for this and the local MLA would also be called in this.  The issue of the border dispute with Leh-Ladakh has been raised many times in the past. 

It is worthwhile to mention that it is the first time this issue of border dispute has come forth in Lahaul Spiti of Himachal however in the past similar dispute also occurred in the state on the Leh Ladakh international border.

No threat to Global warming in Leh Ladakh and Lahaul Spiti

Mr Rohit Thakur stated that without scientific study and data, on the issue of global warming and traffic increase, it is not possible to conclude that district Lahaul-Spiti is prone to natural disaster or it have increased manifold as such studies have not been conducted so far.  There is no such proposal to deploy SDRF or NDRF units in the district or construction of permanent structure building at the Sarchu and Shunkula borders of Ladakh UT and the creation of a police assistance center at Trilokinath temple and Batal for pilgrims/tourists in the district. Currently, there is no such proposal under consideration at the Government level. to set up any police post and no such proposal was submitted to the Government but if the need arises, the government would examine the matter in due course. 

The member also wanted to know about increasing global warming in Lahaul Spiti.  He said what is the preparation of NDRF and SDRF to deal with global warming in Lahaul Spiti.  He said that more than 65 thousand people are going to Ladakh every day from Lahaul Spiti.  He raised the demand from the government whether a separate police force would be kept in Lahaul Spiti. 

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