Law and order have completely broken down in Sirmaur: Mela Ram Sharma

Due to the change in the system in Sirmour district, the law and order has completely broken down and incidents of murder and hooliganism are also coming to the fore in the rural areas. Addressing a press conference in Haripurdhar today, Ex Chairman BDC Sangrah Melaram Sharma, District BJP General Secretary Balveer Thakur, and Renuka BJP Mandal Secretaries Dinesh Thakur, Dharampal Thakur etc. said this. BJP leaders said that ever since the Congress government came to power in the state to change the system, since then the thing called law and order has ended and common people are being killed openly. Referring to the public murder of Rajendra Thakur alias Pappu, the elder brother of Brajraj Thakur, the elder brother of Haripurdhar of Sirmour, close to Chief Minister Sukhwinder Singh Sukhu, he said that when the relatives of influential people are being murdered like this in public, then how can the common people Consider yourself safe. In such a situation, it has become very difficult for the common man to live. He said that due to the killing of the brother of a leader close to the Chief Minister in Haripurdhar, there has been an atmosphere of panic in the area and people are living under the shadow of fear. BJP leaders said that ever since the government changed in the state, hooliganism and murder have started happening openly due to the change in the system. He said that in the case of the murder of senior Congress leader Brajraj Thakur’s elder brother Rajendra Thakur alias Pappu in Renuka constituency, MLA Mr. Vinay Kumar is silent and is not even opening his mouth on the broken law and order situation.

BJP leaders alleged that ever since the Congress government came to power in the state, drug abuse is increasing in rural areas as well and the lives of youth are being ruined by taking drugs openly to schools and colleges. He said that earlier drugs were ruining the lives of the youth in urban areas, but ever since the Congress government came to power in the state, drug peddlers are spreading their wings even in rural areas like Haripurdhar. BJP leaders expressed apprehension that drug peddlers could be involved in the murder in Haripurdhar. Accusing the leaders of the ruling party of encouraging murderers, hooligans and drug peddlers, he said that when such anti-social elements are blessed by the leaders of the ruling party, the police administration would also be helpless in taking action. Is. Taking a dig at Renuka’s MLA Vinay Kumar, he said that in Haripurdhar area, the brother of a senior Congress leader was murdered and

Instead of coming to the incident area, the MLA has gone on a tour of Nahan to do chamchagiri to the minister. BJP leaders said that if this kind of killings continue in the rural areas of Himachal called Devbhoomi, drug trade is running rampant, and the MLAs of the ruling party are fast asleep, then no one can stop this area from destruction. He urged the police administration to clamp down on the fast spreading drug peddlers in the area so that the ruined lives of students and youth studying in colleges and schools could be saved.

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