Sewing training program completed in Peeran

The sewing training program which was going on for the past month in Peeran village panchayat at the end of Mashobra block, was completed on Tuesday. This sewing training program was organized by the courtesy of UCO RSETI in which 35 women of Peeran Panchayat received sewing training. On the last day of the training, written and oral examinations of the women were taken. Pradhan of village organization Peeran, Bimla Verma said that the training program was very successful. During this, women were given the training to sew clothes like dhathu, salwar kurta, palazzo, frock, apron, etc. Bimla Verma expressed gratitude to UCO RSETI employees Manisha and Diksha for giving excellent training. She said that this sewing training program would prove to be very beneficial for women. She requested UCO RSETI to organize other such programs in the future.

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