Lack of coordination between relief agencies hindering rescue operations at Shiv Baudi

After four days of Shiv Baudi-Indian Institute of Advanced Study, cloudburst grieved family members of about seven deceased missing victims are in deep impatience as bodies could not be traced out from the debris.

NDRF, SDRF, BRO, MES, Police, and home guard administration are multiple agencies that are tracing out the bodies from the debris along Shiv Baudi temple to one km downstream.

According to the administration, the body of the deceased and HPU Universitiy Professor P L Sharma was recovered today. Only two bodies could be traced in the past 24 hrs as the rescue operation is continuing.

So far a total of 14 bodies has been pulled out from the debris including an identical deceased which is kept in the IGMC mortuary and state police issued Social media post informing about the identity of the victim. Seven persons who are missing had made the unbearable for their family members as many of them are without food and drinking water. Dr Kuldeep Singh Tanwar Former IFS officer said that lack of coordination between rescue agencies might be the reason for the slow tracing of bodies despite all agencies doing their best round the clock.

He said that family member of the deceased has expressed their displeasure over the slow rescue operation. Dr. Tanwar said that a technical export of disaster management should be given single command as disaster management did not appear to be managed efficiently due to different approaches being adopted by the rescue agencies.

According to eyewitness NDRF, SDRF and BRO, and MES was allocated four hours time to explore the possibility of missing bodies in the rubbles.

Meanwhile, around 20 houses including Krishna Nagar, Himland near St Edwards School, Tolland, and near the High Court parking and City division office, and parking was also vacated as buildings are declared unsafe.

Dr. Tanwar said that the Shiv Baudi tragedy is not an anthropogenic reason as it was due to a cloudburst. However, in Krishna Nagar, Slaughterhouse two deaths and landslides were attributed to the poor quality of the retaining wall of Salughther’s house and illegal dumping reason however Landslides are being precipitated by extremely heavy rainfall from August 12 to 14.

Meanwhile in most of town and roads buildings are affected by the uprooting of trees and poor drainage systems. The overflowing water drain and illegal dumping of garbage and muck have caused the devastation.

Smart Cities used the money racklessly and heavy infrastructure is being raised without studying the vulnerable strata of town. Former Deputy Mayor Tekinder Singh Panwar said that water flow from Jakhu to Kalnog was being obstructed by allowing construction on water streams.

were of Meanwhile Shimla Municipal Corporation and Forest Department ordered to fell 400 trees which were identified as damaging to private and public property. Around 200 trees are uprooted 8n the state including in all the landslides.

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