L1 Trauma Centre to be set up in IGMC soon

The State Government under the able leadership of Chief Minister Thakur Sukhvinder Singh Sukhu has envisioned to provide quality healthcare services and many initiatives have been rolled out to achieve the goal. Taking a significant stride in this direction, the State Government has decided to establish L1 Trauma Centre in IGMC Shimla. The state Cabinet has recently accorded the sanction to create and fill up 136 posts of nursing and para-medical staff ensuring the smooth functioning of Trauma Centre.

“Saving valuable human lives and assisting those in need is the topmost priority of the State Government. With a growing need for critical care units, especially in case of accidents and emergencies, it is essential to enhance patients’ accessibility and availability of emergency health care services. The setting up of the Trauma Centre in IGMC Shimla will significantly strengthen the emergency health care system in the State”, said the Chief Minister.

The proposed L1 Trauma Centre in IGMC Shimla would be operative 24×7 and there will be three shifts of all concerned six departments i.e. Neurosurgery, Radiology, Plastic Surgery, Anesthesia, Orthopaedics and General Surgery. Additionally, the Centre will be supported by a dedicated team of nursing and supporting staff.

The three working shifts at the Trauma Centre will not only reduce the workload of doctors and para-medical staff, but also create more conducive working conditions for them, said Sh. Sukhu and added that this initiative aims to ensure that the patients receive the best care during their recuperation period. Furthermore, it will also address the critical issues of the high cost of private health care services, making quality medical assistance within the reach of the common man.

The Government is also infusing cutting edge technology in the healthcare system and robotic surgery will be introduced in all the Medical Colleges of the State shortly in a phased manner. The Chief Minister said that the Health Department was actively preparing the infrastructure and imparting training to the staff. Establishing high end health care infrastructure and delivering these services at affordable prices is the ultimate goal of the State Government.

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