Junga Sadhupul and Badhavani Roads open for light vehicles

Junga Sadhupul and Badhavani Road under Public Works Sub-Division Junga has been opened for light vehicles. Assistant Engineer Lonivi Junga Devesh Thakur said that the Junga Sadhupul road near Sangan Nala has been badly damaged. Riot work is being done at this place on a war footing. Till the construction work of Danga is not completed at this site, the movement of heavy vehicles will remain closed on this road while it has been opened for small vehicles light vehicles, vegetables, and milk. He said that landslides are happening again and again in Koon Nala on the same road where JCB has been deployed. Similarly, a part of Badhavani Koti road has been cut off due to landslide which has also been opened for light vehicles. He said that the Junga Mehli Shimla road has also been opened for vehicular traffic, although there has been heavy damage at many places on this road.

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