Famous for its unique taste – Pahari dish Pachaule

 In the Giripar area of ​​Sirmaur district, the practice of making pachaule made of green maize during the rainy season persists even in the changing environment. Pachole prepared from green maize is a hill dish that is not only tasty but also rich in many minerals. Green maize is often eaten with great interest in the form of cobs and if walnuts are mixed with it, its taste doubles.
Giving information about Pachaela, Rita Tomar of Jajar village said that to prepare Pachaela, green maize is peeled and ground in a grinder machine to make a paste, while in the past the paste was prepared by grinding maize on a sealed grate by hand. Pachaila is usually made of two types ie sweet and salty. In addition to jaggery or sugar, a mixture of sweet soup, curry, etc. is added to sweet Pachaela, while in salty Pachaela, salt, and other spices are added as per the requirement. Patchouli is often eaten with ghee or curd with great relish. Former Pradhan Kushal Tomar said that in the past, when there was a shortage of food grains, his elders used to pluck green maize from the fields and feed it to the family by making pacholas or grains. Apart from this, people also make sattu after boiling raw corn and grinding it, which is eaten especially in the summer season with lassi while working in the field.
Maize bread is used in every household in the mountains during winters because carbohydrates and iron are found in abundance in maize and the tahseer of maize bread is also warm. The taste of Makki ki Roti prepared on a wood fire on the stove is unique. The taste of eating cornbread with mustard greens or colocasia curry is different. In the changing environment, the production of maize has decreased due to cash crops in rural areas, but the importance of maize especially in rural life has not reduced.
According to Ayurveda physician Dr. Vishwabandhu Joshi, a large amount of fiber is available in maize, which apart from normalizing the cholesterol level in the body, it also protects against heart-related diseases. Since time immemorial, maize has been used in large quantities in different ways in rural areas, but in the present context, maize bread and greens have become a great choice for the people.

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