Jairam Thakur thanked Central Government for imposing a 50% import duty on apples

BJP Leader of Opposition and former Chief Minister Jairam Thakur thanked the entire Central Government and said that the Central Government has taken a big and historic decision for the apple growers.

He said that now apples will not come to India from abroad except Bhutan at a minimum price of less than Rs 50 per kg, these orders of the central government are going to be of great benefit to the orchardists of the apple state of Himachal. We wholeheartedly thank the central government and the entire leadership of the BJP for this historic decision.

He said that the central government has imposed a 50% import duty on apples, after which apples coming from abroad will be available at a minimum of Rs 75 per kg. Apples costing Rs 100 per kg for a quotation will now be available in India for Rs 150 after import duty.

The cost of transportation of this cebo will be added separately. If we look at the apple production in the last 5 years, then in the year 2019-20 the total boxes are 3.58 crores (average 20 kg apple comes in one pt), 2.40 crore boxes in 2020-21, 3.22 boxes in 2021-22, 3.52 in 2022-23 Boxes have been produced.

But now the central government has banned the import of apples from abroad except Bhutan at a price less than Rs 50 per kg. Now the minimum price of apples that will come from abroad will be Rs. 75 per kg after adding 50% import duty along with Rs. 50 per kg. The cost of transportation will be separate.

He said that the state’s apple economy worth Rs 4500 crore will not suffer due to this.

The apples of Iran and Turkey were breaking the back of the apple growers of Himachal through Afghanistan without paying import duty and under-invoicing, which too will be banned. This decision of the Central Government will put a stop to that.

The BJP had raised this issue many times with the central government and today the center has accepted this suggestion, once again we thank the entire central leadership.

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