Himachal tourism department has issued an advisory to tourists – Always keep the GPS location of mobiles on while traveling

In the wake of the monsoon and intermittent rains in Himachal Pradesh the State tourism department has issued an advisory for tourists to venture out safely while traveling within the State.

R.S. Bali, Chairman, Himachal Pradesh Tourism Development Corporation, (HPTDC), in a statement issued here today has issued an advisory to the tourists visiting the State to always keep their GPS location of their mobiles on, to commute on the guided routes only and figure out the weather updates and drive slowly during their journey, especially during the heavy mist which makes the visibility poor. He said that the tourists should avoid rash driving and instead enjoy their journey while maintaining the sanctity of the hilly regions.

He said that some unverified information was being made viral through various social media platforms regarding traffic jams between Mandi to Pandoh on Manali-Kiratpur four-lane, due to landslides. However, due to construction and widening of roads such natural phenomenon was common, particularly during the rainy season in hilly belts.

He said that as per the latest reports the work of clearing of debris was on war footing and the Traffic was also being diverted through Chailchowk- Gohar route to reach Kullu, though the movement of traffic was bit slow. Apart from this, the Kamaand (Kandi-Katola) road was also open and has been made one way for the vehicles coming from Kullu side.

The tourists are not stranded for a long period as was being made viral. The Chairman also appealed those spreading false information to avoid panic of sorts.  He said that as per the reports received from Mandi, the Light vehicles were being allowed movement and adequate number of men and machinery was working on war footing to clear the road and soon the road will be through for heavy and other vehicles.

He said that the situation in the state is normal as all the schools and other educational institutions, offices and markets etc. are open as usual and there is no need to panic.

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