Himachal Pradesh Assembly monsoon session to focus on climate change and public issues: Kuldeep Singh Pantania

Himachal Pradesh Assembly may go live soon on the analogy of Parliament and other legislative assemblies as the Vidhansabha Secretariat is in consultation with the state government.

Raising curtain raiser from the Monsoon Session convened from your September 18 to 25 Speaker Kuldeep Singh Pantania informed that due to recent monsoon furry, more than 70 pc business and queries are related to Weather vagaries.

This session is highly important due to the recent flash flood and it would go in the history of the legislative assembly as It would also meet the future climate changes and similar incidents.

All issues which are in the public interest and other issues like flash floods, natural calamities, and Weather vagaries would be liberally allotted time, and any Member could raise any relevant issues would be fixed for debate and discussion in Paralimentary order.

He said that Members have submitted 743 total queries out of which 547 are started and 196 unstar ( 451 one-star queries were received online and 96 offline and 196 unstar questions 144 received online and 52 offline.

He said one matter each raised by Member under Rule 61, 121, 124, three under Rule 101( private Member,) and nine under Rule 130. 

The speaker said that the last budget session the Himachal Pradesh State Assembly was 94 percent productive as a record 1215 queries were discussed and replied to in the house.

He said that the Assembly may take queries under zero hours for the first time. He said that Member could raise the matter but it would be listed for house discussion keeping the routine business in mind.

Replying to a query he said that the Assembly Secretariat didn’t receive any notice from Himachal Pradesh High Court to serve to six CPS and Deputy CM Mukesh Agnihotri on the Civil writ petition filed by twelve MLAs of BJP under article 226 of the Indian Constitution.

He said that the matter is not under his consideration so far as far as the office of MLA Institutions is concerned.

He also stated that no permission was taken by Himachal Pradesh police regarding the integration of a BJP MLA in the matter of the alleged viral letter.

The speaker said that an all-party meeting was convened by him for the smooth conducting of the monsoon session.

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