Himachal to Promote Religious Tourism through E-Connectivity of Temples

Himachal Pradesh, often referred to as Devbhoomi, has emerged as a preferred destination for tourists, showcasing its majestic mountains, lakes, rivers, and breathtaking natural vistas. Recognizing the immense potential for natural, adventure, religious, and medical tourism, the state government has taken innovative measures to promote tourism and cater to the needs of devotees.

With a rich history of grand temples and a diverse cultural heritage, Himachal Pradesh has become a pilgrimage site for people from different parts of the state, country, and even abroad. Drawing thousands of devotees to its Shaktipeeths, the state has now introduced a groundbreaking initiative to e-connect its major temples, ensuring convenience for devotees unable to visit in person.

 Starting with the renowned Mata Chintpurni temple in Una district, the government has initiated a pilot project to enable online bookings for Havan, Bhandara, and Jagran ceremonies in these temples and Shaktipeeths. The development of software for this purpose is already underway. Once the pilot project is successfully implemented, the e-connectivity service will be extended to other prominent temples across the state.

Through this digital platform, devotees will be able to connect with the temple priests, book slots for rituals, and make online payments. The software will also provide devotees with auspicious timings for performing special pujas, enhancing their spiritual experience. This technological advancement reflects the state government’s commitment to leveraging information technology in every sector.

Recognizing the importance of infrastructure in enhancing the pilgrim experience, the government is also focusing on the beautification and development of key temples. One such example is the Baba Balaknath temple, located in Hamirpur district, famous as Diyotsiddha. Situated in a natural cave atop a hill in Chakmoh village, this temple holds immense significance for millions of devotees.

To facilitate visitors to the region, the state government has allocated an impressive amount of Rs.65 crore for the improvement of infrastructure and facilities at the Baba Balaknath Temple. This funding, sanctioned by the Asian         Development Bank, will be utilized for installing solar street lights within the temple premises and repairing roads and pathways leading to the temple. Additionally, wayside amenities such as toilets, rain shelters, and restrooms will be constructed to provide essential facilities to pilgrims and travelers.

These initiatives undertaken by the Himachal Pradesh government aim to promote religious tourism, offering a seamless and enriching experience for devotees. With e-connectivity bringing temples closer to devotees and enhanced infrastructure ensuring visitor comfort, the state is set to attract even more tourists, further solidifying its status as Devbhoomi and a favored destination for all.

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