Himachal lifts ban on transfer of employees 

Himachal Pradesh Government decided to lift the ban on transfers of employees with effect from August  21 to 31, 2023 and from September 20 to 30, 2023 in respect of Group – C and Group D officials only.  

The general transfer may be ordered during this period and while doing so. Transfers should be strictly ordered in accordance with ” Comprehensive Guiding issued from time to time. 

While ordering transfers, the normal tenure or stay of an official is to be considered however, an official having completed the tenure or stay of not less than two years at one station could also be considered in view of the administrative requirement.

 Ministers – in  – charge are authorized to approve or decide transfers in their respective Departments in respect of all Group – C and Group – D categories. 

Where condonation or relaxation of short stay, short distance, etc. is involved, the transfer will be made with the approval of the Chief Minister through the Minister-in-charge.

  The transfers shall be restricted to the barest minimum keeping in view the administrative requirement and in no case shall exceed 3 (three) percent of the respective cadre strength in the Department.

  It will be the personal responsibility of the concerned HoDs / MDS / CEOS / Registrars of the respective Department / Corporation / Board / Universities etc. to ensure that this limit of 3% is not exceeded under the circumstances. 

The transfers of employees be ordered in a fair and equitable manner to avoid hardships and consequent litigation.

  Employees could directly apply for transfer to their department.  The Department would ensure that employees who are engaged in Disaster relief and restoration should not be transferred during this period. With effect from 01-10-2023, the ban on transfers will again become operative.   

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