Himachal Govt all set for the weight-based sale of apple: Jagat Singh Negi

With an emphasis on the welfare of apple growers and ensuring a prosperous apple season, Himachal Pradesh Government is all set for weight-based sales of apples.

Horticulture Minister, Jagat Singh Negi conveyed this during a meeting held today with apple growers, traders, commission agents, and other stakeholders involved in the apple trade. The meeting served as a platform to gather valuable suggestions from all sections and devise strategies for a successful Apple season.

Highlighting the repute of Himachal Pradesh’s apples both domestically and internationally, the Horticulture Minister emphasized their exceptional taste and the high demand for its by-products in the market. With the growers’ best interests in mind, the state government has made the pivotal decision to shift to selling apples based on weight.

This progressive step ensures the protection of rights for growers, traders, commission agents, and all other stakeholders associated with the apple industry.
The state government acknowledges the thoughtful suggestions put forth during the meeting and assures due consideration of appropriate recommendations. However, it unequivocally asserts that the decision to sell apples by weight will remain resolute. Baseless comments questioning the state’s legislation have no foundation and hold no legitimacy. The government reiterates its commitment to the timely completion of all arrangements and emphasizes the paramount importance of maintaining transparency throughout the process.

The groundbreaking decision received unanimous acclamation from the growers, traders, commission agents, and other stakeholders present at the meeting, signifying their unwavering support and willingness to collaborate in this transformative endeavor to enhance the apple trade.

Rakesh Singha, former MLA and President of Himachal Seb Utpadak Sangh, Sanjay Chauhan, former Mayor of Shimla Municipal Corporation and Co-Convenor of Sanyukt Kisan Manch, Sandeep Kadam, Director of Horticulture Department, Hitesh Azad, General Manager of Himachal Pradesh Horticulture Produce Marketing and Processing Corporation, Hemis Negi, Managing Director of Himachal Pradesh Agricultural Marketing Board, Devraj Kashyap, Secretary Agricultural Produce Marketing Committee along with senior officers from concerned departments and representatives of various farmers, apple growers, commission agents, and traders associations attended the meeting.

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